Monica Cielesz, the artist behind Aurora 21 Designs, has always had a love for art and copper. Previously working with horses and leather, her path crossed with flame painted copper, and she became enchanted by the medium. Putting aside her leather working tools, she spent countless hours learning to produce the vibrant colors on the copper using heat. Her initial work included unique designs of the Pacific Northwest's landscape carefully sanded into copper panels. With a desire to make larger pieces, she experimented with thinner sheets to create woven copper and became immersed in this art form. 

After firing upon the copper, soft curves are cut and woven carefully together. A special coating seals and protects the colors from further oxidation, then it is framed or backed with a hand sanded aluminum sheet, ready to adore the walls of your home or office.

Monica's pieces have found homes across the nation and overseas in England, Dubai, and Amsterdam. Contact Monica to learn more about her work.